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Instantly connect to the web using the state of the art SATELLITE INTERNET infrastructure ~VIASAT~ Residential and business I



These are the 4 promo rates for your first 90 days. Plans shown don't show the $10/mo. equip. lease/

90 Days of discounted service plans, above

Save with discounted introductory rates

You will pick one of these plans before your account can be setup for installation. Installation take about 2-3 hours and is usually available in just a few days. You will select a date and time of day, as your account is built, here at Discovery AV. 

Email billing is automatically sent a few days before your credit/debit card is debited for the next months service plan. You can change your credit source anytime, using your ViaSat application on computer, phone or tablet.

After the 90 day period your rate will go up (see bottom of chart just below the discounted price) . 

After the 90 day promo, you may choose any plan in the chart or just leave it as it was originally stated., use it as long as you like, and upgrade or downgrade the plan for as long as you like. 

Your new plan (if selected or changed)  is billed on for the pro-rata amount of time used until your billing period renews each month. Use a more expensive rate for only 10 days?, and you only pay for those 10 days at the new given rate. \This allows you to try out the better TV streaming resolution for a large screen TV 

The GOLD plan offers the 720p resolution of cable or satellite TV.

The PLATINUM plan is 1080p or blu-ray dvd quality-

There are no 'fees' to upgrade downgrade your plan, nor phone calls to make, The switch is immediate and electronic.

The ViaSat application for Android or iPhone, will prompt you to build your account. Once setup, you may use the app to: change your data plan, see how much data you have consumed month to date 

Unlimited data, means no data cap for a given plan, unless the system is over burdened, in which case your plan may be put behind plans above your level, and give them priority during highest congested traffic. This seldom occurs.

Discovery is a Texas owner-operated San Marcos business

Personalized Installation

Personalized Installation

Personalized Installation

We offer professional, quality installations for Internet by ViaSat and TV satellite service from DISH Network. Most times this service is provided at no cost to you as a new customer. Our installers are certified and fully trained with ViaSat and or DirecTV 

Discovery is your internet service provider

Experienced Staff

Personalized Installation

Personalized Installation

Discovery has been at the forefront of the newest in audio, video, TV, cellular, computers, and internet service. We offer 47 years of know how and knowledge. Have a question--just give us a call, we can help. 

Competitive Pricing

Personalized Installation

Competitive Pricing

We offer the same great deals as all our competitors on DirecTV and ViaSat internet. Main difference? Our service and know how + local San Marcos helpful tech support.

ViaSat offers 4 levels of service, these are their standard rates after the 90 day promo rate.

VIASAT INTERNET PLANS (non-promo pricing) ask about busines


To build your account, ViaSat requires information from you to verify a good credit standing. ViaSat pays our installer to perform a standard install of your equipment at no cost to you. A 24 month service agreement is required, along with the credit check.

If you prefer to NOT have a 24 month agreement OR NOT have your credit checked, we do have provisions for that, just give us a call.

Additionally, the $10 monthly equipment fees can be paid up front for a "lifetime no-equipment lease" option. Just give us a call for your options.

We request some help from you in providing details concerning your home-sites view of the 133 degree view of the sky, where the satellite is located. We use google maps to do this and may request a picture or two from you using your smart phone (they are handy devices aren't they?)  This prevents a service call to 'look over your site' (which is $95) if you want us to come out for that purpose, [usually not necessary]. Your phone even has a built in compass app, so you can precisely find 133 degrees! We can easily help you with this over the phone, if needed.

Some good points:

Plans can be changed (by you) up or down using your ViaSat application on your smart phone. 

No fees to change your plan up or down, for any length of time--a great way to try out the differences in each plan, main difference: how sharp your streaming pictures will be on a large screen TV.

Free installs and no upfront fees *credit approval required*

Viasat is not generally suitable for apartment dwellers or short term users

QUICK FAST INSTALLS .. pick a day and time frame from our selection.

31 seconds to get to know, VIASAT (video)

Check out this short VIASAT video. CLICK THE ARROW BUTTON on your left, you may continue to scroll down our page while the video plays.. internet discovery viasat internet internet service provider



<This YouTube video shows several repeat speed tests on a user phone with the GOLD service plan, which offers a 50Gbps download and 3Gbps upload. 

Note he consistently logs above expected  up and down speed. The Viasat 'handshake' from users' phone to VIASAT HUB and back down is a round trip of 44,000 miles.! 



Ways to save money...

  • Pre-pay your equipment rental fee ($10 month fee), up front, for $299 & never have a $10 lease fee, for life. ALL plan pricing, require an additional $10 equipment lease fee, (unless you elect this option.)
  • Don't want a 24 month contract? Avoid a 24 month contract [or a credit check] by prepaying your contract obligation, for $299 up front. Get a no charge install. 
  • Poor cellphone service in your area or metal roof problems?, Viasat has 'dial tone' VOIP phone service, works with all dial phones and cordless phones. Option provided by viasat internet

Video surveillance

  • VIASAT has a fast upload speed for camera surveillance systems. Ask for details. viasat internet internet service provider

Cancel my account, before the 24 months are up? No problem

  • Easily remove your 24 month contract obligation at any time by paying the number of months unused in your 24 months X $20. viasat internet

Disappointing video quality on your giant-size TV?

  • Filling all of that screen real estate takes a lot of pixels (bandwidth). Try upping your monthly plan to upgrade your video quality from 360p all the way to 1080p [Blu Ray quality dvd]. Do this anytime for as long as you'd like to 'check it out', and pay for only the time you are on that plan (pro-rata). No phone call or new equipment needed, just your VIASAT APPLICATION for your smartphone, and your created account. Log-in and check out all your features and control.
  • Also, see how much bandwidth you are consuming, relative to the expected bandwidth included in your plan (*see chart), with a glance at your APP. One hour of streaming video will consume about 1 GigaByte of data at 480p DVD quality, and much more at 720p or 1080p. Bandwidth is KING for video quality (clarity). 

Reliability? ViaSat is designed to stay connected throught all kinds of bad weather and storms, always.

Contact Us by email or click our phone number.

We're Here to Help! Send us your questions..

No showroom available, you learn by phone call, all you might want to know.

Discovery does not have a showroom for person to person visits... just give us a call and we will see that you are comfortable with your choices and options. We can install in any Texas city with a clear view of south east skies. internet discovery

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VIASAT INTERNET PLANS for San Marcos & central Texas

Details and information on all plans

VIASAT is best suited to rural areas not serviced by wired cable. Most apartment renters will not qualify. Folks renting a home will need home owner written permission and approve of a 24 month lease with VIASAT.

  • VIASAT plans offer improving video resolution (for crisp HD pictures on big screen TV) as you go UP in download speed (bandwidth)  & plan cost.
  • Data is unlimited, although during high peak you may see some pixelations, If this occurs regularly, you may need to consider trying the next choice up [Bronze 12, Silver 25, Gold 50, and Platinum 100]
  • The VIASAT modem includes WIFI, but large houses may need a second low cost wifi booster, you can install yourself. If your TV is too far away from the WIFI modem, then the video quality will suffer from DISTANCE to modem, not ViaSats system. The more walls a wifi signal must penetrate, the weaker the signal becomes. Best spot for the modem is near the most used video streaming device. (TV)
  • Video streaming resolution starts at 360p for Bronze (see bottom of chart) and next is 480p (DVD quality), 720p (satellite and cable tv), and Platinum is BlueRay 1080p) Less resolution is best suited for smaller screen sizes (tablets, phones and smaller flat screen TVs), but will work on any TV panel.
  • Best plans for most households are the Silver or Gold plan--you may change your plan up or down, at any time.
  • A credit check using your credit or debit card is required, auto-debit at the beginning of each period, and a 24 month agreement (with buy out option).
  • Each plan does not include a $10 monthly lease fee for equipment. Options for lifetime prepaid service for monthly lease of equipment and no credit check or bad credit (with payment up front.)
  • Using your VIASAT app or web account, you can electronically change your plan up OR down, at any time, paying just pro-rata charges for the month in use. The account page also shows how much data is being consumed.
  • More users in a household, will consume more data than 1 or 2 users. The platinum and gold plans are best suited to larger families are a large amount of video streaming, daily.
  • Video and audio streaming consume the most bandwith of all. 
  • One hour of DVD-quality streaming (480p) ='s one GB of  downloaded data (bandwidth)

BILLING IS BY EMAIL (in advance of charges) AND WILL BE AUTO DEBITED AT THE BEGINNING OF EACH PLAN PERIOD. You may change your billing card at any time. viasat internet                                                           discovery internet service provider




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